Auraelias was a soldier of Lord Protector Blackthorne’s keep garrison in Dark Rapids. When the PCs were arrested under suspicion for the murder of Huston, Auraelias was one of their guards. Impressed by the strength and background of Ranbard, Auraelias offered to help the PCs find witnesses and evidence to clear their names. When the PCs escaped the keep’s dungeon, Auraelias was accused of aiding the felons but found innocent by Lord Blackthorne.

Later, needing dragonborn blood to complete an evil ritual, Dergan used his agents within the keep to capture Auraelias and bind him to a sacrificial altar in the ruined Raven Queen temple beneath the town. The PCs arrived and freed Auraelias, who joined in the fight against Dergan’s horde of undead. The portal Dergan opened proved to be unstable, and unless closed would destroy the entire town. Discovering that the portal could only be disabled with the same dragon blood that opened it, Auraelias volunteered to enter, knowing that doing so would trap him in a dark dimension forever.

As tribute to his heroic sacrifice, Ranbard left the party to return to the Fireforge Mountains with Auraelias’ effects, that he may receive the honor due him for his actions from the Elders of his clan.


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