Hobgoblin Warchief


Zorg is the leader of a large Hobgoblin warband that has settled into the wilderness northeast of the town of Dark Rapids. The Crow Wing gold mine, which Jal Gorda is mining to fund their naval campaign against the Moontear Pirates, lies within Hobgoblin territory, but Zorg doesn’t interfere as long as he is given a share of the wealth as a “protection fee”. Lord Blackthorne has allowed this extortion as the payout is cheaper than the funding and loss of lives that a full war with the Hobgoblins would cost. Additionally, the Hobgoblins provide a balance against a roughly equivilantly powerful horde of Orcs to the East, with the Raven River existing as a sort of border between them.

Unlike most Hobgoblin chieftans, Zorg seems motivated more by ease of living than by plunder and conquest. The money received from the mine, and the tolls he extracts from merchants, caravans and other travellers avoiding the bloodthirsty Orcs allow him all the comforts he desires without annoying and risky warfare. Zorg thinks highly of himself, and considers he and his fellow Hobgoblins civilized compared to other savage humanoids. His cognitive ability seems erratic at best, as while he always remembers past events involving the party, he has failed to recognize the PCs themselves on any of the several times they have met him unless reminded.

Recently, tensions between the Hobgoblins and Orcs (covertly fueled by the Withered Hand and the Moontear Pirates) have erupted into open warfare, resulting in the destruction of Zorg’s warband and his fleeing into exile. Zorg’s claim is that the Hobgoblins carried the field until devestating magics used on the Orc side caused his army to rout. While the PCs did find some possible evidence of magic supporting the Orc attack, whether Zorg’s military genius would have otherwise still carried the day remains in question.


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