Commander of the Broken Tower


Underboss Goup was garrison commander of the Broken Tower, a ruined fortification but strategic location in the increasing hostilities between a Hobgoblin warband led by Zorg and an Orc tribe under the rule of Torgal. The party arrived to eradicate the garrison by order of Zorg, who believed Goup to have gone rogue since there had been no communication from the Tower for some time.

After fighting their way through the Tower’s defenders, the party reached Goup. Capturing him, they learned that Goup had not intended to betray Zorg, but had holed up the garrison in the Tower from fear of Undead in the nearby wilderness that he claimed were marshalling for an attack, the runners sent back to Zorg for reinforcements apparently never arriving. The party escorted Goup and the only other survivor, Goup’s bodyguard Aagh the Bugbear, back to Zorg’s headquarters. Unfortunately, Zorg was unsympathetic to Goup’s explainations and had the goblin beheaded.


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