Savage but loyal friend of Baern


Aagh was bodyguard to the Goblin underboss Goup, leader of a small garrison that occupied an ancient ruined fort known as the Broken Tower. The party met Aagh while on a mission from the Hobgoblin general Zorg to clear the Tower of what he thought were mutinous soldiers. Learning that Goup was in fact not treasonous but merely afraid of undead in the nearby wilderness, the party spared Goup and Aagh, and escorted them back to Zorg.

During the return journey, Baern took this time to attempt to befriend Aagh by teaching him some basic Common language, and entertaining him with various magical tricks. By the time the party arrived, Aagh considered Baern with care and trust unheard of for a Bugbear. Zorg had Goup executed for failure of duty, but fortunately did not also include Aagh in his displeasure. When the party had made ready their departure, Aagh was nowhere to be found, and it was assumed that he had reintegrated himself into the sprawling Hobgoblin warband.

However, some months later, in their search for Sarpedon’s Treasury, the party would again encounter Aagh, this time the leader himself of a Hobgoblin squad engaged in combat with a numerically superior Orc enemy. The party attacked the Orcs, defeating them handily, and Aagh and Baern were reunited with a crushing Bugbear hug. Aagh expertly led the party through harsh terrain to meet Zorg again, this time hiding in exile where the party learned that his mighty warband had been crushed in battle by the opposing Orcs. Although the party decided to continue with their quest for the Treasury rather than stay to help Zorg, Aagh’s loyalty to Baern proved strong as he decided to accompany the party to help protect his friend. Soon after, however, an avatar of the Raven Queen unceremoniously expunged Aagh, apparently vexed by his presence with the PCs. His current condition and whereabouts are unknown.

Although Aagh’s savage and unpredictable nature makes him something of a loose cannon, his formidable strength and combat skills, as well as his unfailing dedication to his friends, makes him a valuable ally.


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