Proprieter of the Drunken Dragon Inn


Manjaro is the owner and operator of the Drunken Dragon Inn, an out-of-the-way tavern that has had the unfortunate luck of having large Orc and Hobgoblin tribes settle in nearby. While the tavern itself hasn’t been endangered, lack of business from travellers looking to find other routes has made business scarce.

Despite being a hulking Goliath, Manjaro’s demeanor is unfailingly polite, courteous, and hospitable. He makes every effort to provide clean accomodations and good food despite current circumstances.

During the party’s stay at the Inn, Manjaro was persuaded by Baern to reveal that he possessed a small cask of wine he believed to be from Sarpedon’s private stock, which if true would make it worth a fortune. Baern promised Manjaro to use his commerce connections to validate the claim, and if so sell the cask for good value and split the profits.


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