Lord Blackthorne's Right-Hand Dwarf


After serving many years together in the Jal Gorda military, Clarence proved himself to be a competent and loyal subordinate to then General Blackthorne, and more, a trusted friend. Upon Blackthorne’s ennoblement to the title of Lord Protector, Clarence was named his adjutant, and together they travelled to the town of Dark Rapids to protect the mighty city-state’s interests in the region, notably the Crow Wing gold mine which was the main source of revenue funding the increase of Jal Gorda’s navy.

While an excellent military tactician and strategist, Clarence tends to struggle more with the delicate diplomacy and mannerisms of statecraft required by his new title, and can appear weak and indesicive in this role. When both Lord and Lady Blackthorne were incapacitated from an attack by The Withered Hand, Clarence did an excellent job of maintaining the readiness of the Jal Gorda garrison and Dark Rapids town guard, but began to rely extensively on the party for advice and help in handling other, more political matters.

Clarence has continued his service to the Blackthornes in their current roles as ambassadors to the city-state of Blackwater


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