Evil leader of the Withered Hand


Dergan’s background before his activities in Dark Rapids are unknown, but within a short span of time from his arrival in town, the gnome elevated an insignifigant band of thieves into the dominant criminal enterprise of the region, naming them the Withered Hand and establishing himself as the kingpin. In reality, Dergan was using the guild as a cover to further the goals of a necromantic cult of the same name. The gnome was corrupting a ruined temple of the Raven Queen located beneath the town to gain the power needed to raise an undead army and to release an entity known as Akivasha, which he reverently refered to as “The Mistress”.

His various plans being continuously foiled by the PCs, he soon elevated violence against them, arranging ambush attacks, destroying their homes, kidnapping family members, and even achieving the possession of Lady Blackthorne by a malignant spirit . Finally cornered in the heart of the temple, Dergan began a ritual designed to open a portal allowing Akivasha to enter the world. With Dergan well guarded by undead creatures, the party was hard pressed, but eventually managed to defeat him, although Ranbard’s comrade Auraelias fell in the battle. Never the merciful type, Ranbard impaled Dergan with his own staff and threw the gnome into the portal before it closed, that he may enjoy the company of his Mistress for all eternity.



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