Filthy yet enthusiastic prospector


Soon after the party’s arrival in Dark Rapids, Huston approached in an attempt to persuade them to accompany him back to what he claimed to be a fantastic treasure trove. Disbelieved at first, he produced an astral diamond as proof, which he allowed the PCs to keep as “there was plenty more where that came from.”

He told a tale of how, while prospecting for gold, he stumbled into a cave where riches were scattered about like common trash (which would later be determined as one of the Treasuries of Sarpedon). He managed only to pick up a single diamond before a terrible sense of dread sent him fleeing from the cave. Returning to town, he sought strong warriors to face whatever possible menace was there and to claim the rest of the treasure. The party agreed, but while Huston insisted on leaving immediately, the PCs decided instead to keep a pressing appointment with Lord Blackthorne, informing Huston they would meet him later at his home. When the party afterwards checked his small house, they only found a mutilated, headless corpse.

It was later discovered that Dergan was responsible for the murder, and used foul, necromantic magics on Huston’s decapitated head in order to pry the secret of the Treasury’s location from his dead brain. In Dergan’s final confrontation with the PCs, he claimed to have successfully discovered where the cave was, although this has yet to be proven. Reduced to an undead head in a jar, Huston managed to utter a few final words to Ogrium before dissolving to nothingness, presumably clues for how the party may yet find the treasure themselves.


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