Just a face on the wall


Mason is an enchanted construct, specifically a carving set in a wall of the ruins of the Raven Queen temple located beneath the town of Dark Rapids. He was created with a soul-fragment from one of the original builders of the temple, and as such retains much of the personality and knowledge of that being. However, Mason is quite aware that he is simply a carving and is happily content in such an existence, having neither need nor desire to do anything more than patiently wait until someone happens to come along, even if centuries go by between visitors.

The party discovered Mason in a secret, walled-off corridor of the ruins. He has said that his only purpose was to warn travellers not to open a door at the far end of the corridor as it imprisioned a terrible shadow-beast (later defeated by the PCs), but given that Mason has shown tendencies to make jokes and exaggerate, it is not known if this is entirely true, or if he has other importance as well.

As of late, Eldon in his new role as paladin to the Raven Queen has made time to visit Mason frequently, learning what the construct had to share about the building of the temple, worship of the Queen during the Age of Magic, and even casual conversation.

In one encounter, Mason and the intelligent weapon Shockwave currently weilded by Maylor Taskoff apparently recognized each other, and the two entities shared a brief conversation about “old times”


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