Nathan Redwine

Moontear Pirate and ne'er do well.


Redwine is one of the Moontear Pirates attempting to disrupt Jal Gorda from raising a navy that would wipe the buccaneers from the ocean. His part was to assemble a band of river pirates that would prey on Halfling shipping barges, thus preventing the townsfolk of Dark Rapids from receiving the food and supplies needed to work the gold mine funding the project.

Unfortunately, one of the barges Redwine attempted to rob was Aaron Copperquick’s, which was carrying the PCs at the time. He was captured in quick order and placed in the public jail, but soon made his escape through the corruption of the Dark Rapids town guard. Later, Redwine would ironically help the party to escape from Lord Blackthorne’s dungeon in the belief that they would lead him and his ally Dergan to Sarpedon’s Treasury. While attempting to steal the key to the treasury unknowingly worn by Lord Blackthorne’s wife, he and the party were captured by her guards. Redwine was interrogated personally by the Lord Protector, upon which he confessed his involvement with the river piracy, Moontear, and the thieves guild known as The Withered Hand.

Redwine was ordered sent back to Jal Gorda for a full trial of his crimes. His current whereabouts and status is unknown.

Nathan Redwine

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