Engine of Destruction


Currently on leave to the Dragonborn nation in the Fireforge Mountains.

Ranbard’s Beginning

Some beings are brought into this world to do great things. Others to do terrible deeds. Some however are brought into the world through strange occurrences and some through luck. Ranbard’s tale is one of sadness and pain of which Ranbard had no control. Ranbard was born under the black sun. An omen throughout the dragonborn culture as a sign of a terrible sign. The very day is one of passing. One of which all members of the Dragonborn race feel ominous. Not only was Ranbard born on this day, his shell shattered into pieces. To the other races, the birthing of the dragonborn means little of how or when. However the time and place of these things matter greatly to the culture. A crack in the egg shows a normal entity. Assistance in birthing shows weakness. However when an egg shatters into pieces it is a very powerful sign. One of which is hailed as both incredible and terrible.

Ranbard was born unto Tethis and Cravek Thundermaw in a small dragonborn village near Subadai. As a child Ranbard showed much promise in the art of war and was sent to the military force there. A very quiet child Ranbard was held as an omen to the village, shunned but not ousted the villagers were weary of the young boy. As Ranbard age to 15 the small Militia was sent to the Blood Rock in the Fireforge Mountains. Witnessing the might of the true Dragonborn power Ranbard was awestruck and immediately sent word to his parents of joining the Red Dragon Clans Army.

Upon Joining the Red Dragon Army Ranbard was put under the command of Draknar Scalebane. With this action Ranbard was swore into the code of allegiance to the Dragon Clans. Taking the vow and cutting his hand with a ceremonial dagger, Ranbard is forever bound to the Clans.

To fight as one, to die as one. To leave no enemies alive. To fight together and leave no one left behind. To dishonor the Dragon Clans is a pain worse then Death. Crush your enemies and give your life for the Dragonborn.
Ranbard Thundermaw

Ranbard, under the command of Scalebane, fought with vigor and prowess and was promote to second in command under his force by the age of 18. Scalebane was given a very delicate mission that would change Ranbard’s young life forever. A betrayer under the Red Dragon Clan’s house was found. Ranbard and a select few of others were sent to eliminate this trespasser. Nights passed in waiting as Ranbard and his team stalked the target. Upon finally confronting the individual the group learned that this was a high ranking lieutenant in the clan. They rushed in to attack but were horribly defeated by the lieutenant’s unknown magical powers. Left broken and dying Ranbard pushed with all of his might to report back to his command and receive aid for the dying soldiers. Only one other member of the 6 man group survived.

For saving his comrades life and finding the source of the betrayer Ranbard was hailed as a hero. However the world had other plans for Ranbard. Months passed with Ranbard and a new team searching for the missing Lieutenant and finally they had found leads. The insurgents nest had been found. Two nights before the attack Ranbard received dire news. His home town had been burned to the ground and his parents killed in the raid. The culprits were part of the organization with the fallen Lieutenant. Consumed with rage Ranbard ordered the strike before the complete squad could be assembled bringing only 7 of his best men. Ranbard stormed the hideout leaving only a bloody destruction in his wake. Upon reaching the final stronghold Ranbard set fire to the structure and charged in.

Standing before him was Draknor Scalebane with his father dying at his feet. “You have come far Ranbard,” sneered Scalebane. “Seems our little group has fallen to your grasp no matter how hard I tried to hide it.” Ranbard charged Scalebane. Scalebane flashed Ranbard with a blinding spell and struck him hard on the back of the head. Bleeding and fading. Tethis, his father, whispered prayers into his son’s ears. Ranbard awoke to find himself in a grassy plain. The smoldering ruins of the hideout at the very edge. Ranbard rose, to find his father’s great sword at his side. Vengeance would be his.

Alone and maddened with rage Ranbard tracked Scalebane to his next hiding spot. Silently and horribly disposing of all Scalebane’s guards Ranbard slipped into the complex. Scalebane was enraged to find Ranbard burning all of his attack plans and engaged him in combat. Preparing to flash Ranbard once again with the flash spell, Ranbard point blank unleashed his dragon breath into Scalebane’s face. Blinded Scalebane was no match for the furious Ranbard.

The Red Dragon Clan assaulted the complex the next day to find the complex in shambles. Blood had been wiped all over the walls and gore filled the rooms. It was a scene of a nightmare. They found Scalebane’s head impaled upon Ranbard’s father’s greatsword with the words “Vengeance is mine” written in blood on the walls. No trace of Ranbard could be found. The Red Dragon clan searched the complex and found bloodied traces of armor strewn upon the woods outside. Ranbard was presumed dead from injuries. Ranbard was given a small ceremony for his honor and bravery. Only 22 he was considered a brilliant soldier.

However Ranbard had not died that dreadful night. Driven into a primal bloodlust and horribly injured Ranbard wondered for days until he stumbled upon the outskirts of Backwater. Delusional and weak, a powerful man helped Ranbard back to health. The man learned that through his wanderings Ranbard had suffered a mild amnesia. He knew his name and his father’s name, but not where he was from. The man’s name was Hyruu Steelbender and he was a gladiator in the pits. Ranbard was very impressed with Steelbender and decided to join he ranks of the Black Water Pit Fighters. Ranbard became known to the town as Ranbard the Destroyer for his merciless tactics in combat.

Years passed….


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