Leader of the Orcs


Torgal was the leader of the Orc Warband that threatened the safety of Dark Rapids and destroyed the rival Hobgoblin horde led by Zorg. Later found to have had a secret arrangement with Lord Protector Karibdis to be paid off in return for staging a fake battle that would give Karibdis a greater deal of influence in the Jal Gorda political system. When the party managed to sneak behind the warband’s lines and destroy elementals being used as siege weapons, Torgal’s commanders saw this as an act of betrayal from Karibdis and attacked Dark Rapids in earnest.

After the battle, Karibdis commanded the party to capture Torgal and learn the secrets of his means of controlling elementals. Tracking him to a cave, the party discovered that the presence of an imprisioned demon lord was the true source of the elemental activity, and that Torgal’s proximity to it had granted him great powers but enfeebled his mind as result. Torgal was slain in battle with the PCs, his body collapsing into each of the four elemental states before finally disappearing all together.


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