Tag: Human


  • Nathan Redwine

    Redwine is one of the [[Moontear Islands | Moontear Pirates]] attempting to disrupt [[Jal Gorda | Jal Gorda]] from raising a navy that would wipe the buccaneers from the ocean. His part was to assemble a band of river pirates that would prey on [[ …

  • Old Scratch

    An underworld contact of Brandis, Old Scratch usually knows what's going on behind the scenes and is willing to rat people out for the right price... including the PCs!

  • Pallidar

    Pallidar summoned the PCs to help him stop the river pirates before they eventually hijacked all the supplies coming into [[Dark Rapids | Dark Rapids]], leaving the population to starve. When the party disappeared into [[:lord-protector-blackthorne | Lord …

  • Huston

    Soon after the party's arrival in [[Dark Rapids | Dark Rapids]], Huston approached in an attempt to persuade them to accompany him back to what he claimed to be a fantastic treasure trove. Disbelieved at first, he produced an astral diamond as proof, …