Barging In

The Story So Far…

While aboard the barge Fortune’s Lady, en route to Dark Rapids, the party successfully fought off a hijacking attempt by a band of pirates consisting of some vicious halflings and an overconfident human by the name of Nathan Redwine.

With the tide of battle against him, Redwine attempted to escape by holding the barge’s captain, Aaron Copperquick, hostage. A well-placed Thunderslam spell from Rhen Zabril, however, knocked the villain overboard and freed Copperquick from his clutches.

Redwine subsequently surrendered, but not before Brandis observed what looked like him giving a small object to his Spiretop Drake, which swiftly flew out of sight. Seeing their leader defeated, the remaining thieves fled into the night.

Recovered from his ordeal, Copperquick insisted that Redwine be turned over to the authorities in Dark Rapids, and expressed considerable gratitude to the party for their actions. A subsequent interrogation of Redwine proved informative, but also led to other, troubling concerns…

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Barging In

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