The Story So Far…

After a rude welcome by a nest of vile Ankhegs and odious Green Slime, you managed to finally breach the interior of the mysterious Midion Temple.

Once inside, you were soon put to the test and made to act as playing pieces in a life-sized game of Kingsmen. In a tense, calculating battle, you won the game after the enemy King fell to Rhen’s Dazzling Ray.

Beyond the game board, a pair of talking statues offered an enormous pile of gold coins and sparkling gems free for the taking provided you chose to leave the Temple immediately, and a warning that continuing onward would require a sacrifice of wealth. Keeping your greed in check, you left the treasure unmolested, and exited the chamber without hindrance.

Finally, you have reached the Midion Library, a storehouse of magical knowledge and history lost since the time of Sarpedon. A quick but thorough search of the bookshelves and arcane equipment has already turned up a wealth of long-forgotten spellcraft, including some likely cures for the stricken Lady Blackthorne. The legendary Orb of Light, however, you believe to still be hidden within the formidable vault known as The Hurt Locker.

Sealed by locks associated with all three of the known magical Power Sources, you made effective progress through the barriers. Unfortunately, on the last lock of the Divine, Eben suffered a crisis of faith and failed in his attempt. The Locker’s defenses now activated, those nearby suffered a burst of harmful energy. Worse, the Guardians of the Vault have now been alerted to your intrusion…

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