Dungeons and Dragonborn

The Story So Far…

As the sun sets on your first day in Dark Rapids, you found yourselves accused of murder and at the mercy of Lord Blackthorne’s formidable soldiers. Deciding at this time discretion to be the better part of valor, you surrender without incident, are stripped of your possessions and escorted to the dungeon of Blackthorne’s Keep. Ranbard, however, invoked the warrior’s protection of Thorfinn’s Honor, allowing him to be treated as a guest rather than a prisoner, but on pain of death for violating the trust. Blackthorne announced that a trial would soon be held, with him as judge, where a verdict of guilt would result in execution.

Not long after your incarceration, the scoundrel Nathan Redwine appeared and momentarily taunted you with the irony of how quickly you have traded places behind bars. Confident as always, he appeared convinced of your being criminals like himself, guilty of the murder you were arrested for, and also mistakenly believing Huston told you the location of the lost fortune, which Nathan referred to as “Sarpedon’s Treasury.”

After warning of an evil fate awaiting you at the hands of Lord Blackthorne, Nathan offered the opportunity to escape the dungeon in return for a share of the treasure. Not trusting Redwine, but trusting Blackthorne less, you agreed to the pirate’s terms.

Meanwhile, Ranbard befriended Auraelias, the Dragonborn soldier assigned as his guard, allowing the pit fighter to visit the party in the dungeon. Believing Ranbard’s word that they were innocent of murder, Auraelias agreed to help by bringing Pallidar, the captain of the town guard, to speak on your behalf at the trial.

Later that night, good as his word, Nathan apparently set the stage to make good your escape, providing a key via his pet Spiretop Drake, and clearing Ranbard’s path of guards allowing him to rejoin the party. Quickly subduing the sleeping warden and looting the adjacent armory, the party followed Redwine’s instructions and descended into the sewers.

Overcoming some nasty Ghouls, you soon found your way out of the sewer and into the safety (?) of Redwine’s care. With a graceful bow, he welcomed you into what he called, “The Withered Hand”.

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Dungeons and Dragonborn

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