Ghosts 'n Goblins

The Story So Far…

At the behest of Zorg, the erratic Hobgoblin leader, you cleared the Broken Tower of a rebellious goblin garrison. The boss of the tower, a Goblin named Goup, however, spoke of his fear of leaving the tower due to what he could only describe as “The Takers in the Night.” Surrendering, he and his Bugbear bodyguard, Aagh, were eager to be escorted back to the main Goblin encampment and what Goup deemed to be safety. Upon arrival, however, he was quickly slain by order of Zorg as an example to those who would dare to disobey him for any reason.

The party attempted to explain their suspicions that Undead, not the rival Orc warband, were responsible for the Hobgoblin disappearances. Zorg was unmoved, however, dismissing the existence of Undead as the ramblings of fools who believed in children’s fables. He then ordered the party to assault the Orc Stronghold erected in Hobgoblin territory, insisting that one survivor be left to lead the Orcs to believe that Jal Gorda troops, not Goblins, were responsible for the attack. A battle in this fashion, it was believed by both Zorg and Lady Blackthorne, would subdue further aggression by the Orcs and re-establish the uneasy peace along the border of the two savage races.

You decided instead, however, to re-visit the Broken Tower and investigate Goup’s terrified claims. At the passing of Midnight, the dead Goblin’s fears appeared to be well-founded as you were attacked by a pair of winged zombies and shadow bats. Dispatching the airborne menaces, you now observe a considerable horde of earthbound living dead shambling towards the Tower…

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Ghosts 'n Goblins

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