Gnome or Mr Nice Guy

The Story So Far…

Successful in your effort to convince Lord Protector Blackthorne of the impending threat of Living Dead, he has now trusted you with seeking the cure for his stricken wife while he tends to the defense of Dark Rapids. With hopes that the Midion Temple would hold the answers you seek, as well as a powerful weapon to wield against the Undead, you set off to find the long-lost shrine.

On your way out of town, however, a frightened young gnomish girl pleaded for you to help her injured father. Searching for him in a dank alley, you were soon surrounded by cruel agents of the Withered Hand. Furious at your earlier failure to deliver Lady Blackthorne’s pendant, and now further with your active support of the Lord Protectors, Dergan dispatched this band of assassins to exact bloody vengeance upon you. Your considerable talents proved the greater, however, and you forced the surviving villains to flee into the shadows.

Rescuing the girl’s father, you discover him to be Eldon, a gnomish paladin captured for the sole purpose of forcing his daughter to lead you into ambush. In gratitude for your rescue and inspired by your quest, Eldon pledged his sword to the party.

Realizing that the Withered Hand is now actively seeking your deaths, and are willing to sacrifice innocent bystanders to do so, you plot your next move…

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Gnome or Mr Nice Guy

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