Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

The Story So Far…

Seeking to eradicate the threat of Dergan and the Withered Hand once and for all, you delved once again into the sewers below Dark Rapids. The directions provided by Sarevok soon led you to a secret entrance into the thieves’ compound.

En route, you stumbled across a sealed tunnel. Breaching the barricade revealed a stone carved face that was also surprisingly talkative and friendly. Introducing itself as Mason, it explained that the sewers were actually the lower level of the Raven Queen’s Grand Temple, destroyed and forgotten during the War of Sarpedon. Heeding its advice not to open the door it claimed imprisoned a formidable monster, you continued into the hideout.

Once through the secret entrance, you hoped to avoid the resident cutthroats all together and confront Dergan directly. Despite some fumbling attempts at being sneaky, and a poor job of covering your tracks, you managed to avoid or dispatch the routine patrols, allowing you the opportunity to separate Dergan from his men.

You discovered Dergan in a large banquet hall at the head of a lavishly set table, but unfortunately not alone, A fierce gnomish warrior was at his side and worse, Eldon’s wife and daughter at knifepoint. Dergan appeared unsurprised, even expectant of your arrival, and thanked you for your unwitting assistance in preventing Lord and Lady Blackthorne from making peace between the Orc and Hobgoblin tribes, their war now providing bodies enough for his necromancers to raise an unstoppable undead army. The gnome then offered you power, riches and knowledge in return for pledging service to him and to the Mistress Akivasha.

Pretending to go along with Dergan’s mad ravings, Rhen raised his goblet as if to drink then quickly cast a spell to knock the gnome away from his hostage. While successful in blasting Dergan across the room, the villain reflexively slashed the throat of his small victim, inflicting a horrendous wound on the child.

Now, with innocent blood spilled and the sound of Dergan’s men attempting to break down the doors you blocked, you face this foe that has proven himself a deadly threat to you and the people of Dark Rapids…

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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

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