Have a Drink On Me

The Story So Far…

Deciding to follow up on the lead given you by Stormraven, you formulated a plan for meeting with Sarevok, the person named as contact for Dergan to obtain the Orb of Light. Fabricating an effective disguise and armed with a clever forgery of the Orb, Brandis, Ranbard and Maylor were to play the role of Stormraven’s pirates, while the rest took strategic positions outside of the meeting place should things go awry. In the small hour of the morning, you arrived at the River’s End Tavern.

After receiving a warm welcome from the Kursk the bartender, you puzzled on how to identify the contact from the several barflies present. Through careful conversation, you managed to find Sarevok and convince him of your identity, whereupon you were invited into a back room to “do business”.

In a wine cellar below the tavern, you continued the charade. Things were apparently progressing well until a shadowy figure appeared to authenticate the Orb. Undeceived, the stranger produced a wicked spear and instantly attacked. With the only escape route guarded by the one now named as The Cleaner and enemy reinforcements gathering, the situation appeared dire for the three imposters.

Isolated, the trio made a good show against unfavorable odds. While Brandis was soon felled by The Cleaner, his maneuvering allowed the remaining fighters the opening they needed to bring weapons and talent to bear against this dangerous opponent.

Sensing trouble, the remaining party members rushed to support. With Brandis healed and The Cleaner split on the end of Ranbard’s sword, Sarevok was easily captured attempting his own escape.

With the unconscious but hopefully informative Sarevok slung over Ogrium’s shoulder, you bid Kursk your farewells and head out into the breaking dawn…

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Have a Drink On Me

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