History of Akivasha

The events during the War of Sarpedon have hopelessly become intermingled between fact and legend due to the destruction of most records being lost in the collateral damage of the war, but this you know as generally accepted to be accurate regarding Akivasha.

History DC 15 Akivasha was once queen of a great and noble nation in Northern Axiom. All accounts agree that she ruled well, her wisdom and compassion surpassed only by her beauty. She was an ally to Sarpedon after his rise to power, and it is believed that she and her kingdom were destroyed in the Cataclysm on Sarpedon’s Coronation Day.

DC 20 Rumors exist that Sarpedon and Akivasha were lovers, and that sometimes after the start of the war, Sarpedon spurned her for reasons unknown. She swore vengance upon him and delved into the study of forbidden magics.

DC 25 Akivasha sent message to Sarpedon to meet her, and he went alone at her request. Despite treachery and ambush, he emerged victorious. Instead of slaying her, however, it is told he merely banished her somewhere deep underground. Whether that was due to his inability to fully destroy her, a feeling of compassion for their past, or another reason altogether, only Sarpedon knows…

Information beyond this is not available through standard skill checks. Time and resources spent towards more in-depth research, however, may provide further details.

History of Akivasha

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