With Friends Like These

The Story So Far

After surviving the tests of the Midion Temple, foiling Captain Stormraven’s ambush, and navigating the deadly Burning Swamp, you settled in for a well-earned night’s rest at the Drunken Dragon Inn.

Your peace proved short-lived, however, as the morning brought a tense meeting with a pair of suspicious strangers who had apparently been searching for you. Fortunately, choosing peaceful dialogue rather than a violent confrontation, you soon learned that they were agents of a distant kingdom who had defeated an extra-dimensional threat. Seeking to protect their homeland, they shared clues found in the Lonely Tower of the Barrier Woods that offered some insight into the challenges you have been facing.

Bidding farewell to your new friends, you made haste in your return to Dark Rapids in the hopes of curing the Lady Blackthorne with one of the rituals found within the Midion Temple. Quickly ushered into the Lady’s chamber by a distraught Lord Blackthorne, you identified a ritual almost certain to remove her malediction. Shortly after beginning, she seemed to be responding well, opening her eyes and gently calling her husband to her side.

Hope was crushed, however, as with inhuman strength Lady Blackthorne threw the Lord Protector far across their rooms, his body striking hard against the far wall to land in a crumpled heap. Levitating from the bed, necrotic energy flowing around her, the warmth and compassion you have known from the Lady previously appears wholly lost, replaced by some foul abomination…

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With Friends Like These

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