Treasuries of Sarpedon

The events during the War of Sarpedon have hopelessly become intermingled between fact and legend due to the destruction of most records being lost in the collateral damage of the war, but this you know as generally accepted to be accurate regarding Sarpedon’s Treasuries.

History DC 15 Legend has it that Sarpedon was a master of finanical manipulation as well as battefield tactics. Among his strategies was to bribe an opposing army into joining his ranks, paying farmers to burn thier own crops and visit famine upon an enemy, or purchasing all availibility of a commodity worthless to him but valuable to a foe. To this end, he secreted portions of his vast wealth in hidden vaults scattered across Axiom so as to quickly have access to draw funds even deep in hostile territory.

DC 18 Sarpedon’s Treasuries varied in held wealth, but even the smallest were believed to be greater than that of a dragon’s horde.

DC 20 The mighty city-state of Jal Gorda is said to have risen to power through the discovery of one or more of Sarpedon’s Treasuries.

DC 25 A total of seven Treasuries are rumored to be hidden across the continent, each holding one piece of an artifact that, once assembled, offers the weilder power beyond imagination.

Information beyond this is not available through standard skill checks. Time and resources spent towards more in-depth research, however, may provide further details.

Treasuries of Sarpedon

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