The Fall of Sarpedon

Adventure Journal

Year 198 after the Fall.

The following is a journal that touches briefly on the critical elements of each session to provide the framework of the party’s campaign thus far. Click the list number for a more colorful narrative of the session’s events.

Adventure Journal

1. Successfully defended a Halfling barge from river pirates. Met Aaron Copperquick. Captured the nefarious Nathan Redwine.

2. Arrived in Dark Rapids. Joined by Eben. Met Pallidar, who asked for help in defeating river pirates. Met Huston, was given an Astral Diamond and offered to guide back to the remaining treasure. Met Lord Blackthorne, thrown into the dungeon after suspected of being thieves and murderers of Huston.

3. Met Jal Gorda soldier Auraelias. Escaped from Blackthorne’s dungeon with the help of Nathan Redwine. Navigated the sewers and defeated a few ghouls to reach the hideout of Redwine’s thieves’ guild, The Withered Hand.

4. Met Dergan, leader of the Withered Hand. Ordered to serve the guild as payment for rescue by stealing a pendant worn by the Lady Blackthorne. Dergan claimed the pendant would unlock the secret to Huston’s treasure. Attempt failed, captured by Lady Blackthorne.

5. Lady Blackthorne offered amnesty in return for helping her calm the border between the Orc and Hobgoblin warbands. Met Zorg, the Hobgoblin leader. Ordered to destroy a rebellious goblin garrison. Joined by Baern.

6. Cleared goblins from the Broken Tower. Met Goup and Aagh, who claimed to be hiding in tower from undead roaming the area. Returned to Zorg, Goup executed. Ordered by Zorg to attack an Orc Stronghold. Decided instead to return to Broken Tower and investigate Goup’s claims.

7. Defended Broken Tower from zombie hoard consisting primarily of Orc and Hobgoblin corpses. Found map on necromancer identifying a Midion Temple and artifact know as the Orb of Light.

8. Returned to Dark Rapids to warn the authorities. Discovered undead being snuck into town via the river. Met with Lord Blackthorne, convinced him of party’s innocence and the undead threat. Given quest to journey to the Midion Temple to find the cure for a curse upon Lady Blackthorne while he prepared town defenses.

9. Ambushed by thugs from the Withered Hand. Joined by Eldon.

10. Stayed at Drunken Dragon Inn en route to Midion Temple. Met Manjaro. Joined by Maylor. Found temple in the Burning Swamp, defeated ankhegs and green slime at temple entrance.

11. Overcame temple tests, reached Midion Library. Found possible cure for Lady Blackthorne and vault containing the Orb.

12. Defeated the library guardians. Recovered Orb of Light. Escaped subsequent destruction of temple.

13. Ambushed by Captain Stormraven and band of lizardmen outside of temple. Stormraven escaped, Brandis cured of necrotic curse.

14. Met Kalen and Caewin at the Drunken Dragon Inn. Began putting together clues involving the Withered Hand. Returned to Dark Rapids, attempted cure of Lady Blackthorne.

15. Exorcised Lady Blackthorne of possessing spirit, but both her and her husband now comatose with serious injury. Informed by Clarence of worsening conditions in Dark Rapids and inability to locate the Withered Hand. Eldon’s family kidnapped by Dergan.

16. Went to River’s End Tavern to investigate lead given by Stormraven. Defeated The Cleaner and captured Sarevok.

17. Interrogated Sarevok, revealed location and safe path thru sewers below Dark Rapids to penetrate HQ of the Withered Hand.

18. Entered sewer, met Mason. Learned sewers were ruins of Raven Queen temple. Infiltrated Withered Hand HQ, found Dergan in Banquet Hall.

19. Dergan fled, Eldon’s daughter slain, pursued villain into lower temple. Escaped crushing room trap and specter attack.

20. Encountered and defeated Skull Lord and its horde of minions. Discovered intelligent longbow Shockwave. Eldon converted to worship of Raven Queen to revive daughter.

21. Found Dergan attempting to open portal releasing Akivasha. Rescued Auraelias from The Cooler. Battled extremely tough monsters, disrupted ritual causing portal to destabilize. Dergan tossed into portal by Ranbard, Auraelias self-sacrificed to close portal and save town.

22. Ranbard left party to honor Auraelias at Dragonborn citadel. Eldon and Ogrium visited Eldon’s mentor, left Eldon’s family with him, learned of entity known as Zarathos. Party met with Lady Blackthorne, decided to investigate shadow beast that Mason warned about.

23. Entered Mausoleum, encountered giant Tomb Spider and its spawn. Spider escaped, pursued through sewers and finally cornered before it could escape into town above.

24. Learned from Clarence of political maneuvering in Jal Gorda to replace Lord Blackthorne. Departed Dark Rapids to find Sarpedon’s Treasury. Encountered skirmish between Orc and Hobgoblin squads, sided with Hobgoblins. Reunited with Aagh.

25. Met with Zorg, learned of Hobgoblins defeat by magic-wielding Orc army. Continued to Raven Lake, investigated unusual water. Stumbled into Druid Grove, activating defenders.

26. Combat with Grove defenders, left after stalemate. Continued to follow clues left by Huston, Treasury located.

27. Treasury cautiously explored, secret passage activated causing unstable ceiling to collapse, burying treasure. Party barely escaped into passage. Met Hyperion, leader of Warforged force tasked to guard Treasury. Joined by Rue, a Tiefling from the Age of Magic.

28. Learned from Hyperion much about Ogrium’s past and destiny. Informed that a test was required to claim a segment of powerful artifact known as the Sovereign Rod. Combat began against bladed construct, suffered additional surprise attack from Hyperion and his Warforged.

29. Defeated Hyperion, recovered segment of Sovereign Rod. Creation Forge began to overheat, threatening explosion. Diverted flow of Stillwater to cool forge, destroying it in process. Ogrium jumped into forge to escape flood and disappeared.

30. Brandis returned from waterfall cave, party escaped through mysterious portal. Intercepted in dimensional limbo by avatars of the gods who attempted to convert or reaffirm PCs to their respective devotions. Ogrium discovered within the Elemental Chaos and returned with help from avatar of Ioun.

31. Party is teleported directly into a rampaging Orc warpath. Defeated Orc Chief Grickfell, discovered cryptic orders on his corpse. Rescued peasant family and fled to safety, made camp a day’s journey from Dark Rapids.

32. Party captured some Orc scouts, discovered that dispersed Orc army now converging on Dark Rapids. Returned to town safely, found Lord and Lady Blackthorne preparing for battle. Rhen gives the Dragon Egg from Dergan’s lair to Stormraven as she requested, the pirate making an offer to join her but Rhen refuses. Later, Rhen able to identify powerful arcane source moving with Orc horde, party sneaks behind enemy lines to destroy it.

33. Arcane source discovered to be Elementals, party manages to defeat Elementals and their Orc guardians. Escaping pursuit, party returns to town, finds it already under attack. Manages to sneak past army with overturned boat along river to re-enter town. Discovers that Lord Protector Karibdis has arrived, replacing Blackthorne as regional commander.

34. Party and remaining soldiers fight valiantly against Orc horde, finally forced back to defense of keep. A collossal Black Dragon named Quetzallus arrives along with several smaller dragons and destroy the Orcs completely with their breath weapons. Stormraven is identified as the rider of the dragon.

35. PCs confront Karibdis on suspicions of his criminal involvement with the Orcs. Rue uses tact and guile to convince Karibdis they support his methods, whereupon he freely shares his plans to manipulate the Orcs and the Jal Gorda government to achieve his own ends. Dispatches the party to capture Torgal in order to learn his secrets for controlling Elementals.

36. Torgal is tracked to his lair, a cave discovered to be highly contaminated with chaotic energy. The Orc leader’s mind is corrupted, and battle ensues. Torgal slain, a secret entrance in cave found to lead to an imprisioned Arch-Demon.

37. The Demon attempts to convince the PCs to gamble its freedom against a segment of the Sovereign Rod which it possesses. Brandis agrees to play the Deck of Many Things, but unfortunately draws a card which sends his soul to a howling abyss. The Demon now freed, Eben agrees to another game from the Deck, losing the Orb of Light and all of his possessions to the Deck’s curse, but giving his fellows enough time to re-activate the imprisioning circle.

38. The Party returns to Dark Rapids, but learns that the Lords Protector have returned to Jal Gorda, with orders from Karbidis to follow. PCs arrive at the capitol city, joined by Vondal who is assigned to be Eben’s bodyguard when Bishop Gidorah identifies him as the Custodian of the Orb.

39. Stormraven arrives with Quetzallus to demand the surrender of the Republic within two weeks time. PCs manage to discover a legend that may have the key to defeating Quetzallus, Eben mystically regains the Orb of Light by permanently sacrificing a portion of his vitality.

40. PCs agree to the surrender but set up a trap instead. Baern works to activate the Jal Gorda Colossus to fight Quetzallus, and Rhen manages a magical windstorm to prevent the dragons from flying well. Rejoined by Ranbard. A titanic battle rages, and Stormraven hard-pressed by the PCs yields to Rhen before she can be slain, offering power over Quetzallus in return for her freedom. Rhen agrees, and she returns the Egg to him. Stormraven escapes, Quetzallus vows never to return as long as the Egg is not harmed. However, Maylor fulfills the prophecy by using the Orb of Light to tip an arrow shot from Shockwave, which slays Quetzallus. The remaining dragons also slain, Rhen destroys the Egg. The Jal Gorda government arrives after the battle, and the First Sire named Dragonslayer. Heroic Tier concluded!



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